Jackson Consulting 

Jackson Consulting 


Businesses in the River (& adjacent) Region you can COUNT ON!

Friends, Romans, Countrymen; LEND ME YOUR EARS!

Below you will find a list of businesses in our area that I have had great experiences with and would encourage anybody looking for service of the type they offer to go to these providers before any other. Please be aware that none of these businesses asked to be listed and none offered compensation. Furthermore no payment would be accepted if offered!

(334) 202-2870

The final word in quality carpentry provided by the capable hands of David Belser and his talented staff. In addition to building absolutely amazing swings there is a very clear air of respect and camaraderie in the shop.

Letts Auto Sales and Service

(334) 541-4200

Located at 244 Claud Road in Eclectic, this is the absolute only place I will take my vehicles. They have been beyond courteous and fair with me and my family and have saved me so much time and stress by handling my needs conveniently, competently, and honestly.

Burke Land Surveying

(334) 567-2185

Located right on Highway 231 in Wetumpka Mr. Burke has been providing surveys in the area for the better part of four decades. You simply don’t stay in business anywhere that long without offering the right stuff to your customers.

Burger King #20535 in Wetumpka

(334) 478-3860

While it may seem strange to list a big chain franchise this particular Burger King stands out above other units as well as competing fast food restaurants. I personally eat there more mornings than not and the atmosphere is always friendly and clean. On the rare occasions that I’ve had a problem they were quickly rectified with an apology and a good attitude. Usually you can get a full breakfast for less than five dollars if you take advantage of the app.


(334) 649-4611

Located at 4450 Wetumpka Hwy in Montgomery, these guys were able to take care of my vehicle when my entire key ring was lost or stolen while inside a store shopping. Not only was the bill less than the absolute minimum estimate Google told me to expect but it was handled in almost no time. I only wish I’d known about them prior to needing them!

Robert Jackson