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About the Company 

What Jackson Consulting is designed to do is to supply information and solutions for a variety of needs, for the most part centered around technology and related concepts like security, surveillance, and online safety.

The company was created in the early 1980s by my (late) parents, Tony and Diane Jackson, under the name Jackson Software, Inc. and we specialized in point-of-sale machines for businesses nationwide, mostly welding supply companies. This would include designing from the ground up the hardware needed, networking the machines together, and writing the software from scratch to keep up with inventory, accounts receivable, payroll, and the other essentials for conducting business.

Later on as the PC (personal computer) became a reality it was no longer needed to custom build and program every single computer for every company that wanted one and thus the business evolved into Jackson Consulting. It is around this time that I, Robert Jackson, also was brought into the world. Before we had Windows and iOS dominating the market, we had MS-DOS; and before that we had a variety of other systems such as Unix.

With the evolution of the field the company became more involved in building PCs and using them as business machines. Accordingly I was involved in the growth of the industry alongside the growth of my self.

Today everywhere I look I see people charging extremely unfair amounts of money to do fairly simple jobs. For example a local company I worked for briefly that will remain anonymous charges nearly $200 for a simple diagnostic of their customers problems. After paying for the diagnostic, parts, and labor I was disgusted to sometimes see one person pay the price of two brand new systems for a simple repair. Meanwhile a company I worked for in South Carolina charged $50 for the very same diagnostic as well as included $50 free labor if our customers wanted us to repair it. When I left the company they had raised that rate to $60 and felt terrible about doing it but as we all know prices go up; it can’t be avoided, particularly now with inflation reaching and exceeding double digits.

In conclusion, the goal for my company is to provide reasonably priced competent service and in a fair and consistent manner that never insults our customers, but rather seeks to educate them if they want to learn the details, or simply fix the problem if they don’t.  We offer the community not just simple repairs but also knowledge and training, such as how to establish good habits as it regards protecting their own business and online persona/lifestyle. Cyber crime is at an all-time high and there are several ways people can limit their own liability and risk and that is something I aim to help people with.

-Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson: owner, operator, technician
Robert Jackson: owner, operator, technician

About me

I am a 40 year old man originally from Goshen, Alabama which is in Pike county. I was always exposed to computers from the day of my birth on and as such have learned quite a bit over the last four decades. 

As it is said (paraphrased) in the book of Ezra (chapter 7) “study, live, and teach.” Granted it’s unlikely he was referring to computers and information technology but still, those three words describe my motive for the company wonderfully, along with my motive for living,

Several years ago at the age of 27 I was in a very serious car accident, and while in a coma I was given a clear understanding that Jesus is real and that there is a much greater world beyond the one we live in day today. Having solidified my fate the new I resolve to live a better life and to try to improve the lives of others if I can. Not too long ago, Friday May 13, 2021 my mother passed away. Almost exactly a year prior to that my uncle passed away, and almost exactly a year prior my other uncle passed away. About a year or before that my father passed away. As I have no siblings I found myself on a precipice standing in place and although I was 38 years old I realized I had not grown up yet at least not entirely but the following year I grew up more than all of the years proceeding. I still have a way to go.  By the grace of God I was led to my church (Centerpoint) of Wetumpka and they’re found purpose and direction for my life and now know what I can do to improve this world before I leave it this company is to be my contribution to mankind, to fill a niche where the current fillers are incredibly overpriced and self-serving.

While my expertise and education are in information technology I would still recommend many good companies that I’ve encountered to solve problems people might have and you will see a list of companies that I personally endorse. These companies have not paid me a single cent for my recommendation I am just promoting people/businesses that are worthy of being promoted, that have rendered top notch service to me and/or others.

Robert Jackson